Best. Day. Ever!

OK,maybe not ever…..

This week I was approved to try an OWL.  This is a knitting challenge for those who are on Ravelry and are in the Harry Potter House Cup group.   I have not tried a sweater in an adult size for a few years as the first was a bit large and took quite a while to finish.

I am planning to make a sweater.   I had the yarn from a knitter I used to know who was clearing out her stash in prep for a move.   She had  over a sweater’s amount of this yarn – it is a lovely blue/grey – and I think I found the most perfect pattern.  It’s wrap sweater with some almost cabley ribbing on the bottom and the sleeves.

Feel  free to visit  the link to see my progress.



Hi all!

Back again!

It’s coming up weekend again. I know I am planning on visiting my knit group, and that I am visiting my sister for Easter lunch, but other then this, my weekend is open.

We have had a little change in our lives, suddenly this week, that has left hubby, kitteh and I a bit free range, for lack of a better term.

I need to bake a cake, I am thinking of a multi-layer, multi-color thing in a cremescicle flavor.  I am planning the top to be scattered with jelly beans and chocolate eggs for decoration.  I will try to remember to get a pic or two to share.  This is a step away from the cake my mom always made – a bunny head, with great big ears and face, and covered in tinted coconut.  Yum.


How about you?  Any good plans for the weekend?