So Tropical Storm Collin has hit Florida.

I caused a bit of uproar in my area.  The rain and wind were scheduled to really pick up, at home, at about 3pm.  At work – it was grey and a little damp.   Just showing either how wonky weather is in Florida, or just how far I work from home.

I’m not sure which, or both?

So, I left for home a bit early yesterday, and was greeted shortly after arriving home, by lots of wind and rain.

This lasted most of last night- off and on – until about 6:30 this morning.

So I headed to work – where it is raining pretty hard and a little blowy.


I am beginning to think I attract storms.  Hm…


Gearing up

Hi there!  How are you today?


I feel very busy –  I’m probably not nearly as so as many people, but it feels like it.

I have picked up a new workout – of sorts.  I am trying Freeletics.  I will tell you more once I have gotten into it.

I tend to have workout ADHD.  I want to try EVERYTHING! but only like twice.

So, in looking at this, being free if you don’t buy the coach feature, there are a number of different workouts, and it being an app (as well as the website) – it’s convenient, simple (my first workout was a series of three exercises.  Not hard to remember.) and HARD (said first workout – do each exercise 30 times, rest a few seconds, repeat for 20 repeats, rest, 10 repeats – stretch).  I feel this will be enough to keep my attention for now.    Time will tell!

As I had mentioned, I am part of the Harry Potter House Cup on Ravelry, the next ‘term’ starts on May 1st.  So, in trying to craft more, I have set up some plans for the new month.  I may have chosen too much, but we shall see.  I am also going to try scheduling out my progress, it’ll be good experience for the next time I decide to knit sweaters for all my nephews. (maybe…)  So I have picked my projects, balled the yarn, swatched…  and now I wait.  I don’t like waiting…  It’s only a few more days.

Speaking of crafty stuff – Mommy and I made some mother’s day gifts for my sisters.  I don’t think they read this, but just in case,  I won’t say more.  Pix will be forthcoming.  (Hi Chrissy!  Hi Kate!)

Also coming up very soon is Hubby and I’s anniversary!  Yay!  We are going to take a few days “away” nearby playing tourist.  It should be fun.  I plan to take a bunch of photos.

So there’s where I am now.    A bunch of plans, not much to show.

How about you, what are your plans for May?

Out and about

This weekend was a bit busy.

Saturday morning, as always – went to Knit group – we sat, chatted and crafted.  It was a great morning.

Noon, headed home for Game Day – once a month or so we have some friends descend on my house and we play games for some hours.  This time, we were cleaning up around 6:30 pm.  The rest of the night was TV and blah.

Then Sunday, after cleaning my house like a dervish, and hubby doing a bunch of yard stuff, we headed to Mom’s for lunch.

She had visited Milan earlier this year and shared what she learned in her cooking class.

There was also wine and Limoncello.


We headed to the grocer after – for fruit and yogurt, nothing special – then home to veg.

So yum!