Best. Day. Ever!

OK,maybe not ever…..

This week I was approved to try an OWL.  This is a knitting challenge for those who are on Ravelry and are in the Harry Potter House Cup group.   I have not tried a sweater in an adult size for a few years as the first was a bit large and took quite a while to finish.

I am planning to make a sweater.   I had the yarn from a knitter I used to know who was clearing out her stash in prep for a move.   She had  over a sweater’s amount of this yarn – it is a lovely blue/grey – and I think I found the most perfect pattern.  It’s wrap sweater with some almost cabley ribbing on the bottom and the sleeves.

Feel  free to visit  the link to see my progress.



The last celebration I had, other then Christmas, was a family birthday party for our December birthdays (family is heavily December births…) I baked a gingerbread cake,my sister made burrito stuffings and allowed each person to make burrito salad or … Continue reading

Getting to know me….

OK, so day 2 of the journaling thing –

This one is nice –  Things I am thankful for.  Oh the list goes on and on…  Here some of the top.

My darling Hubby (so loving and supportive)

A lovely home

My health

Job (not fabulous, but pay! and health coverage)

Knitting (calming, productive, social)

Close family (both physically and emotionally)

Not to bore you, I won’t go on.

Do you have a list of things you are thankful for?


Theme of 2017


As the day draws to a close, on this, the first day of 2017, I set my theme of the year.

I wish to refine my appearance, firm up my workout plans, be a better person, and act more ladylike.

I have started to set up my planner – getting set up for success.  I have ensured my clothes are clean and ready to wear for my first day  out of the year.   (As today was spent cleaning up from the party we had, and start to gather up Christmas decorations.)

I have even spent a little time looking over etiquette rules and ensure  I am up to date and ensure I can act with kindness in all interactions.

Do you have a theme for the year?


One of my favorite months has arrived!

Pumpkin and cloves, cinnamon brooms and Halloween…  I do love this month.

Living in Florida has its challenges for one wanting to celebrate each season as it comes through.  While I am dying to wear my boots and knitted items and ride a hay ride while watching the glorious leaves – it is still in the 90’s here and we are currently threatened by Matthew.  I really hope it avoids us.  I am not keen on a Hurricane now.


All said though – I can decorate and turn my air down a bit – try and make the season in the home at least.