I share my current knitting and sewing projects, baked goods I have used and periodic reviews of products I have tried.  I also share hair style attempts and if I was inspired by something online, I link it for you.  My life often gets included, so you’ll get to see a little view of my world.

I knit, sew, bake and decorate cakes, try to scrapbook, read like a fiend, haunt Pinterest and dream while holding a full time job.  (I need more free time to craft!)

I am a wife and kitty mommy living my crazed existence in Florida, what I believe to the be the hottest state in the union.  Luckily for me, my Mom, Gran, sister and her husband and kids all live nearby, and we see them fairly often.   My other sister is in North Carolina, so her family is needing woolens (more knitting!)

My hubby and I like to spend time on ships. eat good food, watch Sci Fi (Doctor Who!) and drink good wine (I’m partial to the bubbly stuff).

The rest of my family, Hi guys!, are frequent recipients of my creations, for better or not…

If you have questions, comments and the like, feel free to leave me a note, I try to respond quickly.

Feel also free to find me on Ravelry – Knitter-pixie

or Craftsy – pixieknit838155


Now let’s get creating!


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