Merriest of Merry days

Hello all!

How is your winter going so far?   True, it is only a few days since the official start.

Does not feel much like winter here.  As seen all over social media.


Yep. I am right about the slightly northerner 82.

Being a transplant, as most of Florida residents, I am having particular trouble getting into the season this year.

I have a tree, decorated, a little rosemary tree out front (it was the right shape and will be delicious and planted shortly after the lights come off) as well as lights and such around the house.  I even baked a bunch of cookies and made a gingerbread house.  I have been watching seasonal TV and movies ( Hallmark channel anyone? How about the Santa Clause?)

Still.  And Hubby has just now started to think of decorating.  Just yesterday – I think I may have stared at him a moment – since I put up the tree and the decorations, and the lights outside and bought all the gifts for family (besides the baking and the visiting and wrapping – and the cards I almost forgot!).  Seems a bit late – but hey!  It is not yet Christmas.  He kinda missed Yule though.  I had my candles going, mulled some cider, had my moments.


Tomorrow morning we head to his Mom’s house for the Holiday proper.  Coming back, and diving right in to cleaning the house for New Years.  I am lucky enough to have ended up with most of the week off!  It seems we have a guest this year!  So I will do something special – small, as I doubt this guest will care much – but something – we will do the ball drop and the champagne – maybe play a game – maybe….


Anyway – I hope you all have a wonderful whatever you celebrate and are surrounded with love.





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