Hello September


Hi again!  August was crazy!

Oppressively hot weather, work issues,  my birthday (yay!)

Hubby took me a little ‘away’ for my birthday weekend and I got to catch up with my Orlando friends!


Now that we are in September, I am settling in for Autumn.

Ok, well, right now, I’m waiting for Hermine to take off and leave us alone.

Then I am prepping for Autumn.  My mind is leaning toward soups, stews, knitting and teas.

I am currently working on the Ninth pair of socks for the year – and wondering what 2017’s theme will be.  Sweaters? Shawls?  Crochet? Something yet un-thought of?   Time will tell.

Here is a collection of the recently completed items:

Hubby and I are also watching The Flash.  Oh, Flash, you are insisting I catch up on Arrow aren’t you?  Just when I know that Luke Cage is going to premier any day now, and my shows are going to come back with the next season.

Too many shows to watch, not nearly enough time.  Girl’s gotta show up to work if she wants to eat, right?!

Next week  (Happy Labor Day!) I have a short week, taking a day off to attend/help a convention for GFWC.   It should be fun, and busy, but I will miss my boys while I’m gone.

What are you up to this month?




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