Summer Fun

Hi all – yes, it has been a while.

Summer hit and has taken me out of my normal process.

I am going to better plan, and expect to have a LOT of photos to share in another week or so.

For now, here’s some of what I have been up to!


I’ve hit the Fresh Market a handful of times – got some fresh veggies and a gift or two.

I also saw this cutie in the window on the way back to my car one time –


I’ve had a girls’ night with my sister


We generally grab dinner then maybe a coffee or a wander around some cute shop before heading home.  She still has little guys, so home for bedtime is usually a priority.

I tried a new tea.  Chocolate Orange.  Not bad, but I had a bit of time blending it to my liking.  I think I’ll be sticking to the already blended ones.

Hubby and I visited his Mom for the Fourth of July weekend – it was nice to see her and the family there for a bit.  While we were there I was introduced to an ice cream shop called Rodeo Whip – is this not the kitchiest picture ever?!


I went to an event for my new role in the GFWC.  It was a weekend of planning at the lovely Gainesville Women’s Club Clubhouse.  They were so nice to invite us all to visit and we got to work!

There was some fun too, though….



Met my dear friend for some chat and a snack – since our schedules have been conflicting recently.  Good food – not fantastic, but yum.

And this guy was at the door.  I laughed too hard.


And I did a little shopping.

Someone is going to start making clothes again!



So far, that’s the highlights – what have you been up to?


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