Works in Progress

Here I am – continually knitting.

no, really -There is at least a sock in progress in my purse all the time – and it is normal at my house to see yarn bits all over – where ever I have clipped an end.  I have a good number of WIPs at any one point.

Today, I have just a few. End of the month – trying to finish things up.  Also needing to figure out what I’m going to challenge myself to during the Olympics.

Alright- let’s get into it shall we?


June’s socks – as part of the 12 in ’16, I am planning to knit a pair of socks a month.  This is June’s pair.


Bandana Cowl – This is actually blocking right now – so it’s almost not a WIP.  I held the yarn double as I was getting a very open fabric on each of varying needle sizes, so I picked the middle and made it thick.  It will be quite warm.


photo And last, but not least my Playground shawl.  It’s the newest on the needles and it is going to be epic.  It’s out of Caterpillar Green shawl stripes yarn in Tulips and Concrete.  It stripes.   In shawl sized stripes.  Big blocks of color.  I am gonna LOVE this shawl, I can just tell.  And then I will need to buy all her colorways and bankrupt myself on shawl yarn.  But I will be so well dressed!


So what are you working on?  Got plans for the summer?


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