Yes, I am late to the “party”.

As a prior resident of Orlando, and having lived there in part while I was a ‘crazy’ kid- clubbing fairly often and wandering downtown with my crowd, I was and am hit right in the heart by the tragedy from this weekend.

Truly it took me a bit to process the loss of those innocent people.

I am reminded again and again that there are horrible, hateful, nasty people out there who feel that removing someone from this world is acceptable.

Now, I have friends who are marvelous people.  I love them because they are marvelous people.  To me it makes no difference what or whom they do at night.  This is their life and I wish them happiness.

My heart is broken for my City Beautiful.   I know that my past home has a steel backbone though.   Keep shining Orlando – show ’em your strength.






So Tropical Storm Collin has hit Florida.

I caused a bit of uproar in my area.  The rain and wind were scheduled to really pick up, at home, at about 3pm.  At work – it was grey and a little damp.   Just showing either how wonky weather is in Florida, or just how far I work from home.

I’m not sure which, or both?

So, I left for home a bit early yesterday, and was greeted shortly after arriving home, by lots of wind and rain.

This lasted most of last night- off and on – until about 6:30 this morning.

So I headed to work – where it is raining pretty hard and a little blowy.


I am beginning to think I attract storms.  Hm…