New Blooms



It is that time of year – when everything is blooming – and my car is yellow and covered in leaves.

Also,  here in “sunny” Florida – we are getting rain –  a lot of rain – and grey, blah days in which I never really wake up.  So fun.


But all that rain is starting to make a change –  the plants and flowers I have planted in years past are starting to poke their little green hands up.  Shortly, and for most of summer if I keep everyone good and watered, we will have riotous color up in here!  I will take more pics once I get something more to show.



How about your area – seeing any signs of Spring?



Hi all!

Back again!

It’s coming up weekend again. I know I am planning on visiting my knit group, and that I am visiting my sister for Easter lunch, but other then this, my weekend is open.

We have had a little change in our lives, suddenly this week, that has left hubby, kitteh and I a bit free range, for lack of a better term.

I need to bake a cake, I am thinking of a multi-layer, multi-color thing in a cremescicle flavor.  I am planning the top to be scattered with jelly beans and chocolate eggs for decoration.  I will try to remember to get a pic or two to share.  This is a step away from the cake my mom always made – a bunny head, with great big ears and face, and covered in tinted coconut.  Yum.


How about you?  Any good plans for the weekend?