The week after

OK, just had a funny thought.  Today is a week after Mardi Gras.   Of course I did not really DO anything for Mardi gras, but still.

Also not doing the Lent thing.  That is now, right?

Still having tough kitty care.  My poor little guy REALLY does not like his medicine (can I blame him?  No) and we will be going away later this month, and we have a request in to the vet to ask what might the best options for him.  I have a couple of kitty sitters, but do I want them to have to force meds down my cat’s throat?  He is not easy and will not take it in food.  He then will not eat, for fear the meds are in there.  Perhaps we can kennel him for the few days we will be away.  I suppose we shall see.    I just can’t help feeling really bad for the poor little one.  We even got him new food as he ate it at the vet, when he had not been eating for a day or two prior.




Anyhow.  Hope your everything is going well and I did not bring down your day too badly.



Weekend Happenings

OK, so I’m a bit late – sorry.

But my plan was to write about the weekend -so I suppose writing after the fact gives a bit more “true” to this rather then, “I think”.

This weekend started with a couple hours with my knitting buddy, and our group.   It was nice, I got a good bit of progress on my latest shawl.  No pix yet, I am trying to finish it quickly!

After this, I came home, did a bit of house stuff,. and started doing my part of cleaning out the hedge border of my yard that our HOA just decided would be out responsibility, though it is on common ground.  But we REALLY don’t want them to tear it down, which was the plan, but it is the only border to the street, and so, heavy yard work is in store.

Once hubby got back home from a hardware store run, with my Valentine’s gift – a little early 🙂 – donuts, rum and a flower – he does know me!  I then had to stop as he needed to spray for fire ants and termites – what a mess!

So, we got cleaned up, can’t do yard work until that spray dried, and headed to dinner.  Yum, Fish and Chips.   We headed home, set up a small fire (to get some of that dead wood gone) and had a drink while staring at the flames.  Mostly relaxed the rest of the night.

Sunday called for more yard work!  We have about a 5 ft pile of debris at this point – I will try and get a pic for you soon.  Tried, a bit dehydrated, and sore, we got cleaned up again – and headed to lunch – Chinese food!  And decided we were too tired to sit through a movie, so headed home, got comfy and hung out with my furbabies.  Maybe we will catch a movie next weekend.


So, we are now old boring people, apparently – what did you get up to this weekend?