Story prompt ….

She hear the scrambling of paws on hardwood as two furry blurs ran into her bedroom. Was that the door? Did she just see a shadow on the wall? Someone just entered her home. She froze with fear – and then heard she husband sigh – she got up, still a bit shaky to see he was searching the catch-all bin for something.
“I can’t find my charger.” He mumbled.
On days like this, where she had some appointments in the morning, rare as that was, she was able to see him off. Apparently he had gotten halfway to work before realizing he would have a dead laptop in a few hours if he did not find the missing cord.
She held up a tangle of black “Is this what you’re missing?”
He smiled, took the offending cable, kissed her again and walked out the door. She smiled at herself and checked the lock on the door, then walked in to the kitchen to clean up the mess before her cats hurt their paws.

Short, hopefully sweet – any of you try something similar?