The Cold Never Bothered Me….

unless I’m sleeping. Then the cold bothers me quite a bit. Enough to need flannel pants, a long sleeve T, wool socks (thank you Dee!), two quilts and a furnace hubby.

And it only got down to 41 degrees outside, and I had turned on the heater (not that it kicked on) before I went to bed.

Today, thin “sweater” and fingerless mitts. The office has not turned off the uber AC in so far this year – and I sit under the grate.

Good thing is that I long to knit. Now if I could only remember to bring my needles to work, maybe I could do so. Today would have been a great chance too – our phone lines are down, and have been since about 11 – no requests are getting to us. Tomorrow will be nasty, but I could be half done a hat at this point. C’est La vie!

Hope you are all keeping warm and occupied!