Weekend’s calling

And I have to make my costume.

I have a plan – have most the pieces of that plan, and need time to make friends with my sewing machine again…

With the almost 8 yards of fabric and some acrylic paint – need to find a small hula hoop (toys r us, here I come) and get to getting.

Plus Sunday is football. All day football. Hubby’s team plays at 1 (Go Pats!) and my team plays at 4-something (Fly Eagles Fly!) We will be out most of the day – do I get up early? Guess that depends on what I get done tomorrow…

I will show what I have, if I am successful.


A Nigh Perfect Day

I say nigh, as I am at work. In a closed building behind multiple layers of glass and metal, totally artificial atmosphere.


Moments ago though, I was taking one of my two daily walks during my work day, and it was glorious.

The weather here today is lovely – it is low 70’s, slightly breezy, sunny and clear. It reminds me of the very end of summer ‘back home’, when you could feel the change over to autumn and the start of school. Here in Florida, these are rare days.

I was surrounded by the dancing trees and singing birds, while reading my book (Yes, I read and walk. It seems to amaze my coworkers – like I am some high-wire act, never stumbling. This week it’s The Discovery of Witches – Deborah Harkness. Quite good thus far.) I was also serenaded by Adam Levine, out of the ordinary as my office is having an Employee Appreciation Lunch today, out in the parking lot, under some tents. They already set up the sound system apparently. Oh well, it could be worse, at least it was not so loud as to rattle my teeth or chase the birds away.

I endeavor to enjoy the day some more on my lunch break and my afternoon walk – let’s hope it holds out for me.

Have a wonderful day!!

Missing month


I have spent most of the time most recently missing in a coughing/gagging/voiceless/no-energy state.

I think (hope) that I have finally come out the other side of back to back to back to back nasty sicknesses.

If so, I can get back on my planned posts!

Hope no one else got the plague while I was unreachable.