happy birthday me!

Yesterday was my birthday.
It was a nice day, full of not hurried things.

Hubby took me to lunch, Red Lobster, yum. And due to being sick since last Monday, this was my first day out of the house in 5 days. I gussied up a bit – did hair, wore a dress, makeup – I decided against the tiara.

He also bought me an early gift – Tardis
Love the Doctor!

Then I went to use some of my birthday coupons and gift things – got a cute necklace at Charming Charlie – but have not pic yet…

Headed to Starbucks mid-afternoon – they give free drink or snack if you have a gift card registered with them.
Bday coffee

Hubby was kind enough to get a movie he did not want to see – so I finally got to watch Divergent. It varied in a few places from the book, but I feel it got most of the feeling of it pretty well.
We then watched Rio 2 – so cute! and I ended my day in the perfect way
Bday cupcake with a cupcake and champagne!


We’ll miss you

RIP Robin Williams – He is remembered for some great works – Dead Poets Society, Good Morning Vietnam, some not so serious as well – Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Mork and Mindy.

My thoughts go out to his family in this difficult time.

Robin Williams

Goodbye Robin. We miss you already.

Lost in days

I feel very odd, being untethered like this – with no cell phone, I don’t have my immediate access to my normal daily things, like facebook and intagram – as I am still without a personal computer, without my phone I have no way to upload photos to anything.

It’s a weird feeling.

Had a family scare Monday – Grandma fainted while on a shopping trip. She was taken to the local hospital, is being tested, and was supposedly released yesterday. With no phone, I’m not sure. I have not received a returned call on my home phone line. (and aren’t I glad I insisted we keep that old land line!)

It just goes to show how connected we are to our technology and how much we rely on it to keep up on things.

Hope all is well out in your world!

Life interferes again… the tech edition

This weekend capped off a busy week in the same fashion.

After a week of work all day and busy nights, Saturday saw me running errands in the early morning before meeting up with some ladies who are looking to get a group together that will support it members while on a weight loss journey – I am looking to lose some weight and would love support!

We had brunch, an talked a lot – lovely women, all of them. I think this will be great!

After, my friend Jenn and I ran around, just to hang out – got some new shoes! Leopard shoe

It started to storm, so we headed home. I arrived to find my power was out. I read for a bit, lit a candle when it got a bit dark – picked my menu for the week – and the power was still out – so I headed to the grocery store – hoping it would be back on when I got home.

And it was!

Fast forward to the next day – hubby was out camping with friends – possibly not returning home until late – so I cleaned – ripped apart our bedroom, much of the kitchen and did a lot of laundry and dishes – then cooked dinner and baked some Blueberry Zucchini bread – delicious!

Somewhere between lunch time and 2 – my phone died. I thought it was just out of battery, so I plugged it in – 45 minutes and several outlets later – it just was not on, cold and unresponsive – so I called my carrier – now I am without phone until a new one is shipped to me. Boo!

So now I have a week (or so) sans phone – 😦 I really hope the new one is good and has my info – once I get the SIM transfered.

So, some good, some bad … How was your weekend?