So the latest in my weirdly busy week was Bingo at Hamburger Mary’s. If you have not heard of it – it’s a bar a grill with Drag Queens – seriously, look it up.

Several nights a week, Mary’s hosts a charity bingo night – different charity every night- some nights are nice, polite and enjoyable, and some nights, like ours, are loud, a little vulgar, super fun and you earn money AT THE SAME TIME!

It was a BLAST!

Our host is Amy – Gorgeous!

The Club – Getting set up for bingo!


A few – of many – tie Bingos!


Our 50/50 winner – Congratulations!

Amy was kind enough to allow us to crowd in and get a picture.

All in all, wonderful, exciting evening. I think we will do this again!


Busy week

Hello everyone!

This weekend was weirdly busy, though it was mostly running errands.

Hubby and I hit the movies to see the latest Transformers movie. It was OK. Lots of great action, explosions, big machines…. and what I thought of as loosely connected plot. Like, who is the boyfriend and why is he there?

Anyway. Last night my book club met to discuss our latest, The Valley of Amazement.

I didn’t finish it. Turns out most of the group didn’t finish it.

We met at a local Chinese restaurant, and, as usual, I was early.
Oh well – lets me get into this bad boy and work on getting it a bit closer to done.
Sock of doom

In the meantime, long night, little sleep, now back to work and a great event tonight! I will give details tomorrow!


New Day Flippy

Hello and Happy Friday!

Got a busy evening tonight and that’s besides work!

Hair was wonky when I woke this morning – so I tried to force it into something reasonable – a little hot tool, a little fluffing, and a hair thing.

Here’s what I have – not fabulous, but not too bad and not a ponytail. 🙂


So, what do you think?

Next Day hair

So, did not do much last night – I ended up refreshing my hair and finding it not gross.


So, while not wanting to tempt fate TOO much – I figured I would try something new.

Thanks to Kate, at The Small Things Blog – again – for inspiration.

Here is my little-bit-crunchy, little-bit-unruly braided cross messy bun…

Next Day hair

What do you think?

Next trials and daily stuffs….


New day and new (ish) look!

OK, not really.

Today I am trying my new KMS Dry Shampoo
KMS Hair Play

Used the normal – wash, Aquage Uplifting Foam, some Aquage gel – Aquage gel , Blow dry, add some homemade dry shampoo powder before bed – then wake up, detangle, curled a bit (1″ iron) then added some of the dry shampoo to add a bit of something to this mess. My hair got a bit fuller – nice – and would probably mould well (braids or up-something).

trial of KMS Hair Play

trial of KMS Hair Play

Let’s see what it does as the day wears on, shall we?

On another note – I also decided to try my new lip liner –
Moxie in Jazzed — I got Jazzed – it seemed closest to my current most-used lipstick – Hibiscus from Mary Kay – a bright, bluish pink.

Here’s my trial – some lip primer (Mary Kay), liner

Me with liner - filled in

Me with liner – filled in

Then add lipstick

Moxie liner and lip stick

Moxie liner and lip stick

I am hoping this concoction lasts all day – perhaps even through food! We’ll see…. It feels a bit dry – good sign? I have put off drinking anything for the last 45 minutes to give it some “rest” time. I’m hopeful!

If you have any hair or make-up tips – feel free to drop a line – I would love to hear some more!

And on a completely different note – guess what finally got harvested?

First Pineapple of Royal

First Pineapple of Royal

It was delicious – but little.
Hubby found a tutorial online on how to grow your own pineapple from the crown of an old one – this one he tried in a – I use this term loosely – hydroponic dish. The water was gross before the end.
We have one in dirt in a pot too – and it is much bigger, but not ripe yet. Hopefully soon!

Well, that’s all for me at this time….

Have a great day, darlings!

ETA: Here is lunch status – hair still somewhat fluffed and lip a bit lighter coverage – but not gone!! Though I do look a bit crazed, umm… yeah…

After lunch - hair and lip

After lunch – hair and lip

New Product trial

On my trip to Ulta, I found some hair powder. I had been wanting to try some, and was leery of some of the products and prices. Going to Ulta ends up more expensive then i planned EVERY TIME. So I picked up this Bed Head Sugar Dust, Sugar dust

I’m trying it today, so,let’s see how it handles my fine, oily head and overnight hair. (Experiment!)

Morning –

Morning of Sugar Dust trial

Morning of Sugar Dust trial

And afternoon – just before leaving for the day and hitting the gym:
hair update A little piecey-er – not too bad, but flattened out – this is with moderate touching – get bangs out of face, pick up phone and move hair behind ear. Tomorrow we try something else – maybe add some of my homemade “dry shampoo” – found on Pinterest – essentially corn starch, cinnamon and some scent. Works pretty well, when given sometime to soak the gross up – like any store brand would as well.

Manic Monday

Work was…. well, let’s not go into that.

After work, headed to Michael’s to get some beads I need for the Bella shawl I am knitting.

I went yesterday and got the wrong size! Arghh!
Luckily there is store just around the corner from work – I will just be home a little later. Since I am stopping, I am also heading to Ulta for some hair powder if I can find it and some dry shampoo (thanks Kate!) to boost these skinny strands of mine. The shorter cut I got helps. (I recently shopped about 6 inches off my hair)
I thought about also getting an eye liner – or lip gunk… And ended up with this.

Ulta Haul

Ulta Haul

Weekend happenings

Hi all!

Hope your weekend was great and full of friends, family and some relaxing.

Watching the band at the Fresh market

Watching the band at the Fresh market

My family has a standing meeting all summer at the local Fresh Market, which is the first and third Saturday of each month, starting in spring, and one week a month through the winter.

This weekend, one of my sisters and I hit the market for some fun, some shopping (me) and lunch.
Chris and Max

I was overjoyed, being me, that the farmer I usually shop at had purple veggies! I picked some up, of course.
Purple Peppers
Purple Cauliflower

I have yet to try these, but the peppers are in my lunch today!

The boys are much more reasonable on such a hot day, if they get some fun – aren’t we all?
Train ride

After we were finished a delish Thai lunch, and the boys were quite done with being out shopping, we headed our separate ways and I got ready to hit the gym with hubby and plan dinner.

My Haul

I picked up some ribs and planned my sauce, a blackberry barbecue I was making, which took the rest of the afternoon combined! It was so good though!
Blackberry ribs

Spent Sunday afternoon with the Purple Sheep crafting away. I am just about finished the Christmas Stocking it seems the whole family has been involved in! 🙂 Once I get it really done, I’ll get a picture for you!

Now it’s Monday and back to the grind.

Have a wonderful day. Chat at you later!

Missing in Action – again

So lack of a computer for QUITE a time now is really carving into the things I want to blog on – and being able to do so….

So, catch up on the time so far…

Monogram pillow is knit, but I need to find a pillow form to fill it with so I can sew up the sides, so it fits. So not done.

I have been working on a new shawl – in lovely lace-weight wool, with beads – and I am now out of beads (SO MANY BEADS!) and it is quite warm here in Florida and wool on my lap is not pleasant – so it is slow going. I plan to pick up more beads this weekend so I can keep going.

I am also working on a mitten garland, and I need to pick a new yarn – the last I used, a lovely bright blue, is a scratchy acrylic, and I do not like working with it. I believe I have some softer, lighter blue that I can use for a few – Getting closer to finished! This is part of a KAL with the Just One More Row girls – Christmas in July! This also helps me stash down some yarn I have small amounts of or don’t really want anymore. Get it out and make room for more, nicer yarn.

I started a running program, had a bit of medical issue, not life threatening, and over and healed now, re-started the running program, went to the beach with my family a few times, got a new phone, got a NEW running program and back slid a bit on the weight loss progress.

For anyone interested, I am currently using the Galloway Method, through Run Disney. I am currently working on the 10K version, with the plans to eventually work up to a half marathon, as I want to run the Princess Half someday. I am also working on losing weight (see above back sliding) – wanting to get to a comfortable, healthier weight – I think I have about 40 lbs to go, with the current state – and once there, I am getting a whole new wardrobe and I plan to start clothes talk, as I like being put together and love clothes – but what I have now is mostly older items and I honestly don’t remember where I got them, and could not give proper credit where due.

Sorry for long post – wanted to catch up. Hope you are having a great July!