Winter and hobbies

I just finished my shawl!

I challenged myself to finish a full sized lace weight shawl during the Olympics – and I did!

I had to nigh immediately start something else!  So now my preppy comes out and I have started a monogram pillow cover.  It is just so CUTE!  and I have double initials, so…. either way it works!


Pix to come once I have more then a row done…


New year – and new, less me!

>Hello my darlings!

As this year gets going in full speed, I am continually working on making less me.

Hubby (periodically) and I are doing a low carb thing – and I am working on running better and farther.

I am currently using an app (of course, there’s an app for EVERYTHING! I use Zen Labs Counch to 10K) to work up to running a 10K.  I am trying to keep a 10 minute mile speed, and hope my lungs will allow me to continue.


In knitting news, I am knitting a shawl, and trying to finish it during the Olympics!  This a new thing, lace weight yarn and beads, and I am so far happy with progress.


In cake news, I fairly recently tried Petite Fours – yeah…..



Delicious, but messy – I tried Royal Icing, but the days leading up to the birthday tea party were damp and humid and the icing never hardened.  I think I may attempt fondant next….

Olympics and Knitting the 2014 edition

If you are a member of Ravelry, as many of us knitters are, you may have heard of the Ravelypics.

This is a time when knitters make up a challenge for themselves to knit during the Olympics, perhaps a Sweater, perhaps a series of smaller items, whatever consitutes a challenge for the knitter in question.  You would cast on your item as of the start of the games, and need to be finished by the end of the closing ceremony.

This year there was a bit of drama on how it would be handled and some groups stepped out and are doing their own thing.  My Disneyphiles are one of the groups that branched off.

I, personally, am planning to knit a shawl in this time.  (I hope!) I have the yarn (and beads!) ready to go, pattern printed and in sheet protectors, in case I need to highlight or whatnot.  And since the games start today, as of tonight, here we go!

Anyone else thinking of challenging themselves this winter?